trouble with my setup

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trouble with my setup

Postby iceman2002 » Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:59 am

I have xmame and wahcade installed, but I'm having a couple problems with my current setup.

My problems are:

1. Can't start anything in fullscreen mode. When I start in window'd mode I get an error about opengl not being found and being disabled, but it works in window'd mode.

2. No matter what I pick from the pulldown menu I always get the defaultgame starting, although I do also get a window in the center saying X game is starting (where X is what I picked from the pulldown).

3. I can't get my PS gamepad to work (I have a USB 2 gamepad
connector) even though I've tried the
-usbpspad command line option.
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Postby balki » Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:33 pm



1) Is this an error that you get when running xmame or wahcade?
2) Which "puldown" menu are you referring to? - wahcade doesn't really have any...
3) Sorry - Can't help you here :(

I'm no help am I... :oops:

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problems getting things to work properly

Postby iceman2002 » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:42 pm

What I mean is:

1. I can get xmame to run in either fullscreen or window'd mode, but I can only get games to run in window'd mode in wahcade.

2. I meant that...suppose in my mamerc I have "gamex" set as the defaultgame, then start up wahcade and choose "gamey" in the game list what happens is "gamex" pops up in a small window in the upper left of the screen, and a small window'd section of the screen in the center says "gamey" starting up.
I'm likely having some problem with some setup file(s) someplace, but it's not obvious which file/where.

3. Still working on this...
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