Boot Fedora directly into Wah!Cade (no login prompt)

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Boot Fedora directly into Wah!Cade (no login prompt)

Postby ddr » Thu Sep 06, 2007 4:36 am

Here is how I setup Fedora 7 to boot directly into Wah!Cade:

0) Setup Fedora to boot without GDM or KDM (in fact, I do not have Gnome or KDE installed)
1) Ran 'startx' as user mame to get X running
2) Edited /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients to start Wah!Cade and nothing else:

If you look in this file you might see the section where twm is started as a last resort. I edited this section commenting out the clock, Xterm and twm, and adding Wah!Cade:

Code: Select all
# Argh! Nothing good is installed. Fall back to twm
    # gosh, neither fvwm95 nor fvwm2 is available;
    # fall back to failsafe settings
    [ -x /usr/bin/xsetroot ] && /usr/bin/xsetroot -solid '#222E45'

    #if [ -x /usr/bin/xclock ] ; then
        #/usr/bin/xclock -geometry 100x100-5+5 &
    #elif [ -x /usr/bin/xclock ] ; then
        #/usr/bin/xclock -geometry 100x100-5+5 &
    #if [ -x /usr/bin/xterm ] ; then
        #/usr/bin/xterm -geometry 80x50-50+150 &

    if [ -x /usr/games/wahcade ] ; then
        /usr/games/wahcade --full-screen

    #if [ -x /usr/bin/firefox -a -f /usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html ]; then
        #/usr/bin/firefox /usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html &
    #if [ -x /usr/bin/twm ] ; then
        #exec /usr/bin/twm

3) Exited X by hitting CTRL-ALT-Backspace

4) Started X again by typing 'startx' This time I get just WahCade, with no window manager. To get back to the command prompt I hit escape to exit WahCade and X shuts down

5) Setup Fedora to log user mame in automatically on tty1 at boot by editing /etc/inittab and replacing this line:

1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty1

with this one:

1:3:respawn:/sbin/mingetty --autologin mame tty1

7) Test the inittab change by rebooting, sure enough mame got logged in automatically

8 ) Setup mame's ~/.bash_profile to start X at login if the login is on tty1 by adding this to ~/.bash_profile:

Code: Select all
# start X if we are logged in on tty1:
case "`tty`" in 
                startx && exit

9) Tested to see that X starts automagically by logging out from tty1, there is no need to reboot as the 'respawn' instruction in inittab automatically logs mame back in whenever that user logs out from tty1. This has the side effect of restarting WahCade if the player hits escape and exits completely
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