X-Arcade and Wahcade

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X-Arcade and Wahcade

Postby delphipool » Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:41 am

After getting some corrupt XP system files on the pc used for MAME and mamewah, I tried to reload it as a linux box and continue to use my X-arcade tankstick. Using sdlmame119u1 and loaded wahcade as the mamewah replacement. One thing that wouldn't work is using the joystick to go up and down one game at a time. After poking around, I could get it to work if I pressed the shift key, then used the joystick.

In mamewah the entry in ~/.wahcade/ctrlr/default.ini uses DIK_NUMPADx.

The problem seems to be that the using the numeric keypad doesn't return kp_8 (or DIK_NUMPAD8), unless you press shift-numeric8. With the shift key, you get kp_up.

If I modify the key_consts.py

'kp_2': ['DIK_NUMPAD2'],
'kp_8': ['DIK_NUMPAD8'],

'kp_down': ['DIK_NUMPAD2'],
'kp_up': ['DIK_NUMPAD8'],

The mamewah config for the xarcade controller works for scrolling one game at a time. Guess I could add DIK_NUMPADUP and DIK_NUMPADDOWN, but then the mamewah files wouldn't be compatible. Anybody else run into a similar issue. Is there a better work around?


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Postby balki » Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:07 pm


Looks like I've missed these particular codes out of the list - I've added them into the mythical next release :?


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Postby tenrohle » Fri Nov 16, 2007 7:48 pm

I'm trying to use an X-Arcade with Mamewah myself and was thinking of going to linux.

One thing I'd love to know about mamewah tho...how do I configure each button on the X-Arcade?

Do I edit the default config file or do I have to edit each emulators config one by one?

I'm a bit confused here :(
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Postby ztomiccomputers » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:06 am

Code: Select all

and then click on the Keys tab.

If you want to hand edit, the file is ~/.wahcade/ctrlr/default.ini. The X-Arcade is used like a keyboard so using wahcade-setup should be easy- you just hit the button you want to configure.

As far as configuring the emulators, it will be in config files for each of the emulators you have.
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