Trackball/Mouse for List Scroll, Dummy-UI skins

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Trackball/Mouse for List Scroll, Dummy-UI skins

Postby FarrisGoldstein » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:35 am

Long ago when I built my first mame cabinet, I used MameWAH. I've since switched to using various linux flavors on all my mame cabinets, so I'm trying to use wahcade.

One thing I'd really like to have back is the ability to use my trackball for scrolling through the games. With so many games in the All List, where my cabs spend most of their time, it gets a bit tiresome to scroll through them a single page at a time.

There's one other thing that I've been looking for. If I can't find it here, or in another frontend, I might see about creating a layout that does it myself and sharing it with the group: With a handful of emulators and several thousand roms between them, it becomes very difficult to setup a good UI flow for choosing emulator->filter->game. What I'd like is a front end with on-screen UI that makes it simple to drill up and down without having prior knowledge of the configuration.

For instance, my cabs get the most play at parties. People who've never seen a mame cabinet jump up and want to play Frogger or Skate or Die or SF2, etc. Each time someone new shows interest, I have to spend a few minutes explaining the controls just to be able to choose an emulator & rom. I'd like a frontend/UI that made this seamless and "dumb", so that I and my guests can spend time playing the games rather than finding them.
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Postby balki » Thu Nov 22, 2007 6:11 pm


Adding support for trackballs & spinners is definitely something I'd like to do. Unfortunately it's not at all straightforward with GTK/pygtk at the moment. I am working on it, so fingers crossed...

Good luck with the layout designs...


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