How best to go about installing? A tad overwhelmed...

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How best to go about installing? A tad overwhelmed...

Postby TheJoelteon » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:48 pm

Hey guys,
So i have been wanting to get a mini cabinet going for a while now, and after months of messing around im more or less ready to do it.
I was originally going to try to use Cabrio as my front end, but couldnt even get past configuring it as it is WAY outside my scope of experience. That's when i found wah!cade.
My goal is to set wah!cade up on my raspberry pi which is running Debian GNU/Linux. This in itself has been an adventure learning to navigate, but damnit im determined haha.

Anyways my question is, seeing as the Pi is pretty slow, would it be better for me to somehow set up wah!cade on my windows desktop? Currently my Pi is running off a 32gb sd card, so im wondering, would i be able to pop that into my desktop and somehow set up wah!cade in all the right directories etc. on the card, and then just pop that into the Pi?
My apologies if this is an extremely noobish question but ive never dealt with anything outside windows before and as far as im concerned getting Debian running was a victory in and of itself haha.
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Re: How best to go about installing? A tad overwhelmed...

Postby sairuk » Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:59 pm

You can setup wahcade on your desktop and configure everything to a running state provided the emulators are supported on the Pi (not all are). Then copy the ~/.wahcade directory and emulators/roms/snap directory across to the same location on the pi.

There is also some caveats with running wahcade + emus on the pi, where (at least in my tests) you lose keyboard support once you get into the emulator. Most of the emulators are compiled to run outside of the desktop environment direct on the hardware (or something along those lines) there is information on this in the retropie readme.

So while my video shows wahcade running on the pi its not particulary a feasible option at the moment.
If you still want to try: ... aspbian.29

I would suggest reviewing: ... 78&t=31966
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Re: How best to go about installing? A tad overwhelmed...

Postby Zombie » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:44 pm

I am trying to get a better way to install WahCade in a pre-packaged and automated way with RPM to where a much more usable an meta-static way where all you really need to do is install your Roms and go.
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