Some users observations

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Some users observations

Postby stealth » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:57 pm

Hello all,

I would like to share with you some users (beginners) observations, because I get the same mails for the same "problems"
I hope this will be useful.

It's all about latest rev 133, obviously there are not complaint or criticizing, just some observations

1) No Generate list in wahcade-setup is often a source of confusion - I opened a blueprint for this
2) In wahcade/generate list, The difference between mame and other emulators is also confusing, for example with snes you just need select generate list and that's all, but for mame (except for default list) there are many options like Display clones or Year filters, more strange these options are also in wahcade-setup and there is no generate option in wahcade !
Maybe It will be a good idea to clarify this part. I mean only generate on wahcade and the others options in wahcade-setup.

Many thanks sairuk for all your works.


Personally I also have a strange problem, wahcade always start on snes page, no matter if I put sdlmame in wahcade.ini or if I exit wahcade from another emulator.
I also saw some problems with french accent in file fr.po, I think it's fixed here
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