Detection of Removable Media.

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Detection of Removable Media.

Postby Zombie » Sat May 04, 2013 5:04 pm

Okay, my main concern to bring up today is removable media. (SD Cards, USB Flash Drives, etc.)

Basically I have determined that Removable media can be best detected by the following methods: Assuming a Folder is mounted, allow WahCade to utilize multiple folders, and select how Volatile the Folder is. For example. Currently, we only allow one folder per emulator type, make it so additional folders can be added. e.g. an "Add a Secondary Folder" Option. Allow WahCade to have a checkbox: Folder is Removable Media? If checked, a new Game List Regeneration for that folder is run every time it is selected.

I would have liked something more like, detection of removable media by udev triggers, but this may be the simplest solution.
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