When navigating through games list, usually moves twice

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When navigating through games list, usually moves twice

Postby diggum » Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:45 am

Hi folks,

Love Wahcade/Mahcade. It was the only front-end for my MAME system built around an older Mac Mini running Ubuntu, and I love it. One problem that I've been troubleshooting lately is when I am navigating up/down the games list, it often pauses a beat while it loads the screenshot image, and once it loads, jumps to the next game in the list. I've verified it's only sending one keypress during these actions, so it seems to be code-related.

I noticed it after installing a brand new ipac to replace the ancient PS/2 keyboard converter I salvaged from my 15 year old MAME cabinet. I don't recall it doing this before, however, I may not have had all the screenshots in place then.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: When navigating through games list, usually moves twice

Postby General_Faliure » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:29 am

You still use the mac mini?
I can only say i never had these problems.
I am on my third mainboard now, the first was an Athlon Xp 2100, then a Athlon 64 3000, and now a core 2 duo 8400.
I am using the latest Mahcade.
How fast is your mac mini and have you tried Lubuntu?
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