Display Music / Music Volume

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Display Music / Music Volume

Postby AzaIndustries » Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:41 am

Hey, still puttering along using Mahcade.

I was just wondering if there was a way to display the current playing song in the layout?
If not, I think it would be a neat little think to implement oneday.

Also, I think I might have asked this before but I'll chuck it in here anyway.
Is there a fix for the music volume returning to 100% after you start a game and exit back to the frontend?

Also, here are screen shots the 2 themes I've finished so far. Should I upload the whole themes somewhere for people to use?

Second theme I've made, trying out some new effects. I've attempted to add a CRT effect overlay, as well as chromatic aberration on the various boxes. The dashed borders are animated, rotating around the boxes in a clockwise direction. It also uses customs font's you need to install.
Full preview: http://aza-industries.org/emulation/full2.png
Preview Image:

First theme I did, I like it's clarity and brightness. Looks great on a big TV.
Full preview: http://aza-industries.org/emulation/full1.png
Preview Image:
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Re: Display Music / Music Volume

Postby General_Faliure » Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:16 am

What, no Donkey Kong!?
Feel free to post them, i might use them in a new build.
I'll stick with the old Emuchrist layouts for my current cab, i still think they look great.
My Arcade cab: https://goo.gl/photos/yE1KACHryQjCaaCj7
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Re: Display Music / Music Volume

Postby Zombie » Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:07 am

I'm considering asking CodeFenix for new Emuchrist Layouts for new systems supported by RetroArch.
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Re: Display Music / Music Volume

Postby AzaIndustries » Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:50 pm

Yeah emuchrist layouts are alright, a few of them have an early internet kind of vibe to them.
I've been making themes for a loungeroom emulation machine I have, so I try to keep them pretty simplistic, clear and uncluttered.
I've tried making per platforms screens but they just end up seeming tacky to me, maybe I'll build in just console logos into my next theme and see how that goes.
Just had an idea, I might try and do a startrek computer layout eventually too. =P
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Re: Display Music / Music Volume

Postby sairuk » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:21 pm

Post them and i'll stick them on Wah!Ki with the others if you like.

In regards to showing the music, iirc only the screensaver layout currently has a widget for that.
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