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Folder Creation

Postby battlecat » Fri Mar 21, 2008 12:54 pm

I have to believe that the majority of everyday average users who come to Wah!Cade are seeking a front end that is both versitile and easy to use and the coolest one for Linux! If this is true then forcing users to create a series of folders in their home directory only after having dug through the documentation to figure it out is not the way to go.

I suggest that Wah!Cade be able to self create on demand all of the needed folders for such items as snaps, marquees, etc. and place the links in the program to these folders as default unless the user specifies otherwise.

An option in the setup might be the way to go since if a user deletes these folders once they were created by Wah!Cade then they could go back in and ask the program to re-create them. There have been many times I have acidently errased or changed something and thought why cant the program restore the defauts for me?

In my mind this would help the newbie get started faster if they saw that the required folders were installed in the $home directory. Also a small text file in each folder explaining what the contents of that folder should be and what filetypes are accepted might make life easier than searching through pages of docs and forums.
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