My Wah!Cade Installation Experience

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My Wah!Cade Installation Experience

Postby battlecat » Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:21 pm

XMame and Wah!Cade

This is an account of my experience with Wah!Cade and its install. Please note that I referred to for my first dozen times installing and re-installing this great program.

Downloaded the following xmame packages via synaptic in Ubuntu 7.10:
• xmame-common
• xmame-gl
• xmame-sdl
• xmame-svga
• xmame-tools
• xmame-x

Opened Wah!Cade-Setup via an icon I setup in my task-bar. I feel that I use it enough that it needed an icon for easy access.

Opened up a terminal and ran this command to get a full list of cli options:

richard@richard-laptop:~$ xmame -?

Opened up a terminal and ran this command to get list of all configuration options:

richard@richard-laptop:~$ xmame -showconfig

I went to open Xmame's Rom folder listed as /usr/share/games/xmame/roms in the configuration options only to discover that I do not have privileges to access it. I opened a terminal and ran this command to get access:

richard@richard-laptop:~$ sudo chmod 777 -R /usr/share/games/xmame/roms

Copied (known to work on Mame32 and Advmame) into the /usr/share/games/xmame/roms

From a fresh terminal I tried: xmame puckman and it worked great! It came up as a small window with the rom playing. There was a bunch of information in the terminal about loading the rom but it did work just fine.

Now the annoying thing is after going through all that just to test Xmame out we find that Wah!Cade allows us to store all of our support graphics and rom files locally in the home folder but only after you take the time to create a bunch of folders. It would be great it Wah!Cade could test Xmame for the user without making them change the permissions on any folders or have to copy any files over to this folder just for a test. Why couldn't Wah!Cade come with a built in open source or free rom that Wah!Cade can use to test for you? That would allow the beginner user to skip all of the above with regards to permissions and figuring out where Xmame used to keep its rom files?

The next thing I did knowing that Xmame ran smoothly was to create inside my home folder a folder called emulators and inside that a folder called mame. This is another sticking point for me. Why doesn't Wah!Cade create all standard, required, default folders automatically or by a setup based command run by pressing a button in the wahcade-setup? Make users lives easier and they will come.

Then you need to take the time to create a bunch more folders called roms, snap, marquees, cpanel, flyers inside of the ~/emulators/mame/ folder. Once more something that should be automated.

Okay now you need to download into ~/emulators/mame/ the Catver.ini, controls.ini, and history.dat. Why these files are not included in the setup I can only guess. Are they changed that often that including them would create an obsolescence issue?

Finally after all that I am ready to open the wahcade-setup via the terminal. Well no your NOT! You still have to add at least one ROM file to the roms folder you created otherwise you will end up with an empty list no matter what! Talk about a bummer.

Once the Wah!Cade setup editor is open you need to go to the emulators tab. Verify that Wah!Cade knows where your rom files are stored in your local home folder.

Now you need to make sure that Wah!Cade is pointing to those three extra files you had to download and unzip into your ~/emulators/mame/ folder by clicking on the "M.A.M.E. Only" tab and checking all the settings including those under the fold out areas of "history Viewer" and "Control Panel Viewer". Thankfully if you have pasted them to the correct place on your computer then there is nothing to change here right this second.

Now it is time to generate the XML list of games you have. While still on the "M.A.M.E. Only" tab click the Generate XML File. Its the little blue arrow that looks like its a circle. Not all that intuitive but the quick-start guide does help to make it clearer. This file may take a few minutes to create and on a low end machine like mine it took quite awhile.

Now that you have generated this XML file your not done yet! No now you have to create Filters. I don't see why the XML file generation is separate from the filters button personally. You would think that by clicking on the filters button Wah!Cade would check to see if there is an XML file and if there isn't create it or if there is update it and then just let you into the filters area. Why the need for a separate XML button is beyond me.

Also note that there is a save dialog not in the quickstart guide that pops up when you click on the filters button. I have always selected the YES to save option.

Now the filters. This is a bit beyond what I am doing here. Just know that if after clicking the generate button you see a list of your games then all is golden. If not there is a problem with the paths and you should re-check them.

Okay so you have made it this far. You have

• Tested XMAME
• Installed Wah!Cade (via deb file)
• Created folders in your home folder for Wah!Cade
• Downloaded and unpacked three support files plus at least one rom into the roms folder
• Verified paths inside the Wah!Cade setup application
• Generated an XML File
• Created a filter

Now you need to save everything you have done in the WahCade-setup otherwise you will get nowhere. At the top of the screen click FILE>SAVE.

Okay now comes the moment of truth! Close the Wah!Cade setup editor and open the Wah!Cade program via your GNOME control panel or by whatever normal way you do on your chosen desktop. You should see Wah!Cade come up and give you an option to play any of the roms that you installed in your ~/emulators/roms folder.

Of course there are a million things that could have happened along the way so if this did not work re-check everything and if that still doesn't help post your problem to this forum! :) A special thanks the creator of Mamewah! the great M$ Windows frontend that inspired Wah!Cade.

And a real special thanks to the porter, creator, and updater or Wah!Cade the only decent Front-End on Linux! Cheers!

Happy gaming.

PS If there are error or issues with this post please feel free to message me. - The *nix front end of choice. - The Official Electronic Scoreboard
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Postby amacieli » Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:37 pm

I agree with all that, and then some. You have to use the ~/emulators set of folders, and nothing else. Don't even try to change Wahcade's .ini files to look anywhere else, otherwise you'll get more Python errors than you ever thought possible.

I finally got to the point where :D wahcade-setup runs and exits without error, and :D where my sdlmame runs roms perfectly without choppy sound (all I had to do was in mame.ini set autoframeskip to 1).

Unfortunately :( :evil: when I try to run a game from Wahcade, I get a grey screen and no game. Escape still works, so no need to go ctrl-alt backspace to terminate X (like I had to when I was playing with Wahcade's .ini files).

Any ideas about the grey screen? I'm running with X only, no Gnome or KDE or any other graphical environment.
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