wahcade hangs

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wahcade hangs

Postby Alzie » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:32 am

wahcade hangs. it dos end load the game, only a black screen in the middle of wahcade, any idea what is wrong, i am running Xumbuntu

mame@arcade:~$ wahcade -d
Warning: pygame module not found. Joysticks not supported
Error: Movie Preview Path [] does not exist
Error: history file: [~/emulators/mame/history.dat] does not exist
Error: Music Path [] does not exist
warning: no mixer plugins available
info: trying to parse: /etc/xmame/xmamerc
info: trying to parse: /home/mame/.xmame/xmamerc
info: trying to parse: /etc/xmame/xmame-SDLrc
info: trying to parse: /home/mame/.xmame/xmame-SDLrc
info: trying to parse: /etc/xmame/rc/pbillrdsrc
info: trying to parse: /home/mame/.xmame/rc/pbillrdsrc
xmame: could not connect to socket
xmame: No such file or directory
LIRC disabled
loading rom 0: 10627.10n
loading rom 1: 10625.8r
loading rom 2: 10626.8n
loading rom 3: 10622.3h
loading rom 4: 10623.3h
loading rom 5: 10624.3g
loading rom 6: 10619.3r
loading rom 7: 10621.3m
loading rom 8: 10620.3n
loading rom 9: 82s129.3a
loading rom 10: 82s129.4d
loading rom 11: 82s129.4a
loading rom 12: 82s129.3d
loading rom 13: 82s129.3b
loading rom 14: 82s129.3c
info: audiodevice (null) set to 16bit linear stereo 44100Hz
info: sysdep_dsp: using sdl plugin
info: dsp: using timer-based audio
SDL: Using a mode with a resolution of: 256x224x32
Initialized no effect: bitmap depth = 16, color format = RGB 888 (32bpp)
User cancelled [b](i have press the esc button for exit)[/b
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Re: wahcade hangs

Postby battlecat » Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:14 am

Hi there:

I had something similar happen to me and what I did was I removed the audio and movies I was using on it. That seemed to clear the problem up. Are you using extra audio and video on Wah!Cade?
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