Other uses for the Wii Balance Board and Remotes

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Other uses for the Wii Balance Board and Remotes

Postby auncled » Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:02 am

I think there could be more games that use the balance board. I was playing Wii Fit Plus today and was doing the running plus mini-game. Having the little quiz at the end made the run more interesting because it encouraged me to pay more attention to my surroundings. What this game needs is some kind of game of Tag where you have to chase characters down and touch them. That would be more engaging than following a character and trying not to get ahead of it. This got me thinking "what other ways could they spice up these games". A run and gun shooter game where you put one Wii Remote in your pocket (or on your belt somehow) and then hold a second Remote as a gun (using the Penguin United Gun would be perfect) would be cool. You could run around the map looking for baddies (or running away from the really nasty ones). You'd have to shoot while on the move in order to do well. If you just stood still, the baddies would overwhelm you no matter how fast you shot. This would encourage players to get off the couch and move around while playing. If the graphics were as impressive as the Wii could make them (maybe even use this with the upcoming WiiU system for better graphics) and the movement detection and gun accuracy were good, it would be a popular game. Shooters continue to be at or near the top best-selling games, so Nintendo needs to make more of them. When programmed properly in the software, the Wii remote makes a pretty good "lightgun". The Balance Board could be used more too. There are fun elements of it in Wii Fit and Wii Fit plus, but they are corny looking mini games. There are a few skiing, skateboarding and other exercise games that use the Board, but that's about it. How about a Balance Board using game that has more popular themes? I'm thinking of a game where you ride a hoverboard (like in Back to the Future II) and have to fight and race your way through a futuristic maze. The Board makes TETRIS more challenging in TETRIS Party (one of the better downloadable games from the shop). Why not use it in more puzzle games? The Marble Mania games are fun and would be quite a challenge with the balance board.


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