Idea for Mame Consoles: Patch based controller Profiling

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Idea for Mame Consoles: Patch based controller Profiling

Postby Zombie » Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:48 am

I had an idea that goes something like this:

You have a Mame Console like mine with different controller layouts, some pair wirelessly while others use USB. It can be completely random what controller anyone plugs in. Only Mupen64plus 1.99.x handles this well. Then I had a flash of inspiration! The patch utility. WahCade could store configuration file patches for programs in it's user land file system. When it detects a new controller, it patches or xdelta's the config into the emulator's config file.
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Re: Idea for Mame Consoles: Patch based controller Profiling

Postby billb » Tue May 08, 2012 5:20 pm

Sounds complicated. Wonder if you could configure all emulators to use keyboard controls and then use an external program to translate various controller inputs to those keyboard controls, loading the appropriate profile based on which controller is detected.

I had thought of doing something like that on Zerogame -- already have a program developed that would take care of that, but haven't tried that kind of setup. I'm using sixaxis2mouse (see to control gngeo with keyboard-only setup. Despite the name, sixaxis2mouse should work for pretty much any joystick and does more than just mouse control - it can generate key presses and run command-line utilities as well.
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