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Welcome to Wah!Cade Extras

Postby battlecat » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:49 pm

Welcome to the new Wah!Cade Extras area.

Here we will list any "Extras" or related items to Wah!Cade. We will not allow the posting of roms that the owners may still hold the copywrite to. Please do not ask for any roms here. Thank you.

Things we are looking to post include but are not limited to:
    GDM Themes
    Wah!Cade layouts
    How-to or tutorial files
    DEB or RPM files of support programs such as ADVMame created by supporters
    Links to websites that host "extras files"

Of course this list is not complete so feel free to suggest ideas and submissions.

This area is a managed section. That means that posting has been restricted to just a small number of people. To submit ideas, materials, or corrections please send an email to wahcade.extras@gmail.com

Thanks and keep Wah!Cadin

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