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. : Overview : .
Here's a How-To on installing Linux-Mandrake 8.2 on a Sony Vaio PCG-C1Vx notebook...  Any comments, please email me.
. : Initial Installation : .
The installation was done using the vaio USB floppy drive for the initial boot and then the 2nd-stage install was done using over a local network with the http install method.
Create a directory on the web server PC for apache to share. Copy the RPMS, RPMS2, RPMS3 and RPMS4 directories from the Mandrake 8.2 cd's. Configure an apache web server with this addition to httpd.conf.
. : Kernel : .
Unfortunately, the standard kernel for Mandrake 8.2 does not include a driver for the Motion Eye camera.  So here is a .config file for rebuilding the kernel.
  • Make sure the kernel-source rpm is installed.
  • Copy the source to a new directory, e.g. /usr/src/linux-2.4.18-1vaio
  • Create a symlink: ln -s linux-2.4.18-1vaio linux
  • Do:
    • make mrproper
    • cp mdk82_kernel_config .config
  • Edit the Makefile and set the EXTRAVERSION to -1vaio
  • Do a...
    • make dep
    • make clean
    • make bzImage
    • make modules
    • make modules_install
    • make install
. : Soundcard Drivers : .
To enable the onboard sound, the alsa sound system needs compiling.   Do:
  • cd /usr/src/linux/alsa-driver-0.5.12a
  • ./configure
  • make install
. : Boot Configuration : .
The make install option from the kernel compilation should configure the /etc/lilo.conf file correctly.  Just in case, here is the entry I use.
. : Kernel Module Setup : .
To enable the C1Vx's various custom devices (motion-eye camera, jogdial, etc), the following files need altering (click to see the changes I made).
. : XFree86 Configuration : .
Mandrake 8.2 correctly detected the graphics chipset (ATI Rage Mobility), so all that needs to be added is the correct Modeline for the 1024x480 display.  Here is my example XF86Config-4 file.
. : Motion Eye Camera : .
Once the kernel has been rebuilt, then the motion eye camera works very well using xawtv
Start xawtv using either of the following commands:
  • xawtv -c /dev/video0 -geometry 320x240
  • xawtv -c /dev/video0 -geometry 640x480
. : Jog Dial : .
There seem to be many programs that let you use the jog dial, most depend on the sonypi kernel module.  The one I choose to use is sonypid. All thats needed once the program is compiled, is to run it after X has started. This program lets the jog dial work similar to a mouse scroll wheel.
. : Miscellaneous : .
Sony USB Floppy Drive
My Vaio USB Floppy drive appears on /dev/sda.
Power Management
Matthai Kurian has sent me a link to some info on ACPI on the C1VE. Check out this page.
Full-Width Console
Nicolas Henry has sent me a link to a list of patches and info for the C1VE including a full-width console patch. Check out "
. : Arrrrggghhhh! : .
Stuff that I haven't been able to get working...
  • The longrun power management utility.  Even though the kernel has the CPUID and MSR options configured, I still get this error whenever I try and run this.
If anyone's got solutions to these, then let me know.
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